High Vacuum HOT PRESS (English Guide)

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HOT PRESS of ENERGYN is the molding equipment that shapes the products at a high temperatur

up to 3,000 celsius degree, with applying 10-500 tons of pressure or more either 

from both sides of top and bottom or from single side.





1. Compact Structure / Save space

The equipment structure is compact . It helps to save installation space .

2. Doors on front and back side / Save cooling time

The equipment has two doors on front and back side. The cooling time has been reduced,

therefore, the workability is excellent.

3. Simple utility / Easy operation

The surrounding utilities are simple to operate.

4. High reliability / durable maintenance

It is easy to respond If maintenance is required.

5. Square Box type / Easy transportation

Due to the square box shape and its lower height, the foundation work

such as construction pit is not required. Also, it is easy to transport and install too.





1. New sintering method of the material bonding such as SiC, of Si3N4, B4C, AlN, etc

2. high sintering actuating power due to the pressure = it eliminate all of the pores.

3. the sintering additives minimized or completely removed

4. Press sintering powder into Hydroxide, carbonate = decomposition of the powder = ultra fine powder

5. prevent degradation of the sample during sintering

6. suitable for the diffusion bonding between the materials which are hard to composite each others

7. The sintered body have a directional property according to the pressing direction (uniaxial orientation)

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