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2014. 7. 9. 10:50 생산제품/SPS (Spark Plasma Sintering)

Energyn's  Spark Plasma Sintering System.

Working Diameter  60~600

Working Pressure    100 ~ 150MPa

Working  Temp       상온 ~ 1,500℃

ELECTRICAL POWER        100~400Kw








The graphite die set in spark plasma system (SPS) is heated by a pulse direct current. Weak plasma, discharge impact, electric field and electric current, which are based on this current, induce good effects on materials in the die. The surface films of aluminum and pure WC powders are ruptured by the spark plasma. Pure AlN powder is sintered without sintering additives in the electric field. The spark plasma leaves discharge patterns on insulators. Organic fibers are etched by the spark plasma. Thermosetting polyimide is consolidated by the spark plasma. Insoluble polymonomethylsilane is rearranged into the soluble one by the spark plasma.


























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