Mostly Tubes and Sheet forming

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2019. 2. 23. 10:30 생산제품/Hydroforming Press and Dies

Mostly Tubes and Sheet forming

Reduces weight, welding, and number of parts à stronger products

Broad material selection possible

High cost, but more net benefits




Automobile parts (exhaust, door/hood/roof/side panel, trays, pillars, etc)

Bikes, lighting, food container, furniture, appliance, pluming parts

Gas turbine; combustion parts, hula seal, fuel system, etc.

Aerospace parts

Metal bellows












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2019. 2. 23. 10:24 생산제품/초고압 부스터펌프(Booster pump) 판매

Axillary Equipment 

1,000MPa 용  BOOSTER PUMP 공급

High pressure tester; up to 1,000MPa (~150,000psi)

Collapse and bust testing

High frequency capability

High pressure gas or liquid intensifier


High pressure test and autofrettage processing vessels, pipes, etc

Diesel injection and tubing system

Gun or artillery barrel

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High Pressure Processing (HPP for Food)

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2017. 8. 11. 11:00 생산제품/초고압멸균처리(HPP)장비

 High Pressure Processing (HPP for Food)




Sterilization by high isostatic pressure(~7,000bar)

Non-thermal processing à minimal effects on taste, texture, nutrition

Sterilizes or inactivates microbe, bacteria, virus, enzyme, fungi

Long preservation possible




Effective on nearly all foods containing liquid (water/oil)

Processed meat, fruit, vegetable, juice, poultry, shellfish, Coffee, beverage,

RTE(Ready-to-eat) Foods

New food development





High Pressure Processing 수혜자


HPP 관련해서 소비자, 회사, 주주, 유통업체, 정부(지방자치단체) 등 다양한 분야 새로운 수익을 창출.

지역 경제 활성화와 일자리 창출에 기여 신규사업을 통해 많은 분야의 관계자가 수혜를 받을 수 있는 사업을 계획함











여기를 참조해 주십시요.




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2016. 10. 15. 11:58 생산제품/PCHE(열교환기)

ENERGYN's technology and commitment, PCHE is for you ...


❖ Applications


• Big diesel engine Fuel Gas System (FGS)
• Best for Mini-LNG or Hydrogen plant
• Cryogenic gas liquefaction and Gasification
• Best for Offshore plants where installation space is critical








Diffusion bonded microchannel heat exchangers for high-performance applications.


Diffusion bonding technology.


확산접합은 솔리드상태의 금속과 금속을 결합하여 필러나 접착용융재가 없어 무결점 솔리드 블록을만듭니다.


극한 기술의 결정으로 PCHE는 1000 Bar 이상의 압력을 견딜 수 있습니다.








The exceptional performance of ENERGYN PCHE heat exchangers



Unlike other heat exchangers,
Energyn units are manufactured by a unique solid-state process   known as 

'diffusion bonding'


We are continuing to develop heat exchange solutions

for a wide range of new market sectors.




국산 마이크로채널형 초고압, 초고온용 열교환기(PCHE)  국산화 공급 !!

고객주문형 PCHE ~!!


지금 바로 연락을 주시기 바랍니다.  감사합니다.







소개자료 클릭~~


열교환기 관련 참고 자료입니다.












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    • PCHE
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    우리나라 순수 국내기술인가요?
    이런기술은 처음 봅니다.

High Vacuum HOT PRESS (English Guide)

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2016. 8. 23. 09:29 생산제품/HOT PRESS



HOT PRESS of ENERGYN is the molding equipment that shapes the products at a high temperatur

up to 3,000 celsius degree, with applying 10-500 tons of pressure or more either 

from both sides of top and bottom or from single side.





1. Compact Structure / Save space

The equipment structure is compact . It helps to save installation space .

2. Doors on front and back side / Save cooling time

The equipment has two doors on front and back side. The cooling time has been reduced,

therefore, the workability is excellent.

3. Simple utility / Easy operation

The surrounding utilities are simple to operate.

4. High reliability / durable maintenance

It is easy to respond If maintenance is required.

5. Square Box type / Easy transportation

Due to the square box shape and its lower height, the foundation work

such as construction pit is not required. Also, it is easy to transport and install too.





1. New sintering method of the material bonding such as SiC, of Si3N4, B4C, AlN, etc

2. high sintering actuating power due to the pressure = it eliminate all of the pores.

3. the sintering additives minimized or completely removed

4. Press sintering powder into Hydroxide, carbonate = decomposition of the powder = ultra fine powder

5. prevent degradation of the sample during sintering

6. suitable for the diffusion bonding between the materials which are hard to composite each others

7. The sintered body have a directional property according to the pressing direction (uniaxial orientation)

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Warm Isostatic Press

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2016. 3. 24. 20:56 생산제품/WIP (Laminator)

Warm Isostatic Press










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