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2017. 3. 17. 17:42 생산용역/금형 아이디어

Creative Idea Mold Making

We are making mold together with your idea










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SMART MOLD Making  (0) 2017.03.17
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Special Ceramic Ball 제작 공급

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2016. 6. 3. 14:09 생산용역/Ceramic Ball

Special Ceramic Ball   제작  공급







에너진에서는 고객님의 요청에 따라 다양한 볼 제작을 해드립니다.

등방압(isostatic press) 공법으로 치밀도가 우수한 ceramic BALL

제작공급 해 드립니다.


BALL 소재 : 고객요청과 의뢰기준으로 제작 해 드립니다.

볼 크기에 따라 납기 협의후 제작해드립니다.

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Special Ceramic Ball 제작 공급  (1) 2016.06.03
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Silicon carbide (SiC)

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2014. 11. 4. 20:42 생산용역/화학기상증착(CVD)

Silicon carbide (SiC) has long been recognized as an attractive mirror material due to its superior mechanical and

 thermal properties when compared to conventional optical materials. However, the material properties of silicon carbide,

which make the material attractive from a design standpoint, have often precluded its use when low cost and rapid

delivery of an optical mirror were required.

It is normally expensive to produce a lightweighted, super-polished SiC substrate, and the lead-time for obtaining

a finished substrate used to be several months. However, working in conjunction a material provider, and using

deterministic finishing techniques for the rapid fabrication of lightweight silicon carbide optics,

Energyn can produce high-quality SiC mirrors in a much shorter time as compared to traditional techniques.








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Silicon carbide (SiC)  (0) 2014.11.04
화학기상증착(CVD Tech Outsourcing)  (0) 2014.07.09
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초고압 비가열 멸균처리

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2014. 11. 4. 20:07 생산용역/HPP(처리작업)

초고압 비가열 살균처리 (장비판매 & 작업]












 더블 클릭해보세요 !!






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초고압 비가열 멸균처리  (0) 2014.11.04
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ultra-high isostatic pressure molding process outsourcing

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2014. 11. 4. 19:56 생산용역/초고압 성형(CIP,WIP,HIP)

초고압 등방압 성형 임가공(Outsourcing process)

필요하신분께서는 연락을 주십시요.

장입크기는 300파이,  길이는 900, 압력은 4000Bar...






We are an ultra-high isostatic pressure molding process outsourcing.
If you need, please contact us.

Thank you.








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ENERGYN's C-SiC, SiC-SiC Composite

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2014. 9. 24. 11:38 생산용역/C-SiC, SiC-SiC Composite

ENERGYN's  C-SiC, SiC-SiC Composite









             ETGCVI-250  : Equipment for the production of C-SiC / SiC-SiC

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ENERGYN's C-SiC, SiC-SiC Composite  (0) 2014.09.24
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