Mostly Tubes and Sheet forming

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2019. 2. 23. 10:30 생산제품/Hydroforming Press and Dies

Mostly Tubes and Sheet forming

Reduces weight, welding, and number of parts à stronger products

Broad material selection possible

High cost, but more net benefits




Automobile parts (exhaust, door/hood/roof/side panel, trays, pillars, etc)

Bikes, lighting, food container, furniture, appliance, pluming parts

Gas turbine; combustion parts, hula seal, fuel system, etc.

Aerospace parts

Metal bellows












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2019. 2. 23. 10:24 생산제품/초고압 부스터펌프(Booster pump) 판매

Axillary Equipment 

1,000MPa 용  BOOSTER PUMP 공급

High pressure tester; up to 1,000MPa (~150,000psi)

Collapse and bust testing

High frequency capability

High pressure gas or liquid intensifier


High pressure test and autofrettage processing vessels, pipes, etc

Diesel injection and tubing system

Gun or artillery barrel

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회사 장비 카다로그

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2018. 5. 11. 10:33 About Us/회사 카다로그

[ENERGYN] CIP,WIP,DIP,HOT-PRESS,etc.(compressed).pdf


Company Overview

■ Location: Hwa-seong City, S. Korea
■ Facility Area: 7,000 sq. m
    70Km from Incheon International Airport,
    60Km from the downtown Seoul
■ No. of Employees: 30
■ Specialty: Extreme Process Equipment and Process Service Business
■ Homepage:
■ Email:




Mission Statement: Extreme Process and Equipment Specialist

ENERGYN is the extreme process equipment manufacturing company. Our normal process
temperature, pressure, vacuum capability is 3,000ºC, 900MPa, and 10-10 torr respectively. The
equipment product line-up is Hot Isostatic Press (HIP), Cold Isostatic Press (CIP), Vacuum Hot (Diffusion
Bonding) Press, Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace (GPS), Vacuum Brazing Furnace. ENERGYN provides
not only the extreme process equipment but also special process solutions using those equipment for
various customers in semiconductor, LCD, automotive, food, electronics, medical, nuclear, aerospace,
and military industries.




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High Pressure Processing (HPP for Food)

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2017. 8. 11. 11:00 생산제품/초고압멸균처리(HPP)장비

 High Pressure Processing (HPP for Food)




Sterilization by high isostatic pressure(~7,000bar)

Non-thermal processing à minimal effects on taste, texture, nutrition

Sterilizes or inactivates microbe, bacteria, virus, enzyme, fungi

Long preservation possible




Effective on nearly all foods containing liquid (water/oil)

Processed meat, fruit, vegetable, juice, poultry, shellfish, Coffee, beverage,

RTE(Ready-to-eat) Foods

New food development





High Pressure Processing 수혜자


HPP 관련해서 소비자, 회사, 주주, 유통업체, 정부(지방자치단체) 등 다양한 분야 새로운 수익을 창출.

지역 경제 활성화와 일자리 창출에 기여 신규사업을 통해 많은 분야의 관계자가 수혜를 받을 수 있는 사업을 계획함











여기를 참조해 주십시요.




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2017. 7. 29. 10:59 About Us/Energyn_presentation



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Energyn_presentation  (0) 2017.07.29


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2017. 3. 17. 17:42 생산용역/금형 아이디어

Creative Idea Mold Making

We are making mold together with your idea










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SMART MOLD Making  (0) 2017.03.17
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